Mid America Pinewood Derby
Nationals for Cub Scouting

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Heat Assignments and Racing Results

Date:                                          Time:                                  Location:                       
April 29th, 2017           8am Check in                            CLAAS of North America                 
 Cub Scout - Kid - Adult Racing             10:15 Racing Begins               8401 South 132nd Street
                                                                                                                      Omaha, NE  68138   [Map]

Register Now
Scout, Kid & Adult - Link to Online Registration

Pro & Corporate - Link to Online Registration

** Early Check In - Friday Night - begins April 28th @ 5pm **

            ****Racing will be broadcast LIVE via the Internet - Live Link**** 

-- -- Corporate Event April 28th @ 5pm -- -- 

++ Pro Racing - April 28th ++

++ Cub Scout, Kid and Adult Racing - April 29th ++


There are no pre-qualification requirements - There are Divisions for Everyone. Anyone may race regardless of age or gender. Membership in Cub Scouts or Boys Scouts is not required. The "Qualified Scout Division" will has specific eligibilty requirements. To race in a Cub Scout Race you must be a registered Cub Scout. You can even send a car in via proxy to race. You do not have to be present to race at the Mid America Pinewood Derby.

There are Many Divisions

  1. Open Scout Graphite Division - Open to all Cub Scouts (even those that have crossed over)
  2. Open Scout Oil Division - Open to all Cub Scouts (even those that have crossed over)
  3. Qualified Scout Division - Scouts that have qualified through Mid America Council District Race 
  4. Kids Division - Any Non-Scout - under the age of 18 years old including Boy Scouts
  5. Adult Division - Any Adult over the age of 18
  6. Pro Divisions - Compete at the highest level - 6 Separate Classes to race - April 28th
  7. Corporate Division- Race a car with other Companies ... support Scouting - April 28th
  8. Big Rig Divisions - Race your Pinewood Truck in a Special Big Rig Races - April 28th  

Registration / Cost: 

Cub Scouts, Kids & Adult Entries
$5 per car if registered in advance - attending                        Register Now - Link
$10 per car if Proxy Racing (sending in car)                           $10 if registration at the event.

Pro Entries                                                                             Pro Entry Registration - Link
$10 Pro Entry (same if live or proxy)                                       $12 registration at the event

Rules and Regulations:
Pinewood derby cars must conform to the rules and regulations published on this web site.
    * Big Rig has separate rules and regulations
    * Pro Division has separate rules and regulations.

Concessions will be available at the Races

Trophies and Design Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the fastest racers.  Design awards will honor racers whose cars are voted the best in several appearance categories.

Prizes: Every Person who registers will recieve tons of great things many Cool Prizes will be given away throughout just for showing up

Race With the Latest Equipment:

Races will be run on a brand-new 6-lane and 4-lane 42-foot Best TrackTM aluminum tracks with The ChampTM electronic timers, Edge Super StarterTM electronic starting gates and GrandPrix Race ManagerTM software to run the races.  Race statistics and video will be projected on screens throughout the building.Results posted on this website, and races will be broadcast live over the internet.

Other Activities:

A variety of activities will be available during the derby.
  • Have fun building and racing a LEGO car
  • Meet mascots from several area sports teams
  • Enjoy tasty food concessions
  • Win prize drawings
  • Earn the Automotive Safety Patch
  • Have professional pinewood racers give you winning tips - Pro Pit
  • Visit the Nations Largest Pinewood Derby Collection and Display
  • Meet many Vendors and Suppliers of Pinewood Derby Products
  • Visit the Scout Shop
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