Pro Division Info

2022 Mid-America Derby


Pinewood Derby Nationals

Hosted by National Pinewood Derby Race League

Friday May 6th

Classes being Run:


Street Stock

Street Pro




Street Rod

Rules are located: HERE

(Note – these are NOT the same rules to be used for all other Divisions of Mid-America Race)

Register Here – Cost is $10 per Car

General Info

The Mid America Derby in Conjunction with National Pinewood Derby Race League (aka NPWDRL) will be running pro level Pinewood Derby Nationals at this year’s event. The races will be run on a State of the art 4 lane 42’ Best Track. The Mid America Derby Track has undergone a complete upgrade, enhanced starting gate, complete re-polish, dampening, stop section and many other upgrades.

You can enter as many cars as you wish into the each of the Pro-Division Classes there are no limitations on the number of cars per builder.

It will be a 1 day event on May 6th. The racing will start early on Friday. Tech In will begin to take place Thursday May 5th from 5pm - 9pm and continue thru up until 10am on the 6th . All proxy entries MUST BE received by Wednesday May 4th. Racing will begin at 1pm on Friday May 6th.

Format for Pro Division Racing

Each car will race once in every lane on the 4 lane track to get a 4-Run Average time

The heats will be randomly generated by the race management software

* Each race is timed with electronic equipment.

* In the event the equipment fails, the race(s) will be re-run.

* Every run counts for your 4-Run average

For classes with more than 10 cars, a “Grand Finals” round will be run with the top 4 builders using 4-Run average time from Round 1.

The Grand Finals will consist of 4 more runs. The average of the 4 runs from the Finals will determine the final class results.

Awards for 1st - 3rd for each of the 7 classes will be handed out.

All 7 classes will be counted for determining the Overall National Champion. Point structure for each class is as follows:

1st place - 12 pts

2nd place - 9 pts

3rd place - 7 pts

4th place - 5 pts

5th place - 4 pts

6th place - 3 pts

7th place - 2 pts

8th place - 1 pt

Racer with highest combined points total across all classes will be crowned 2022 Overall National Champion!!!

Track Specifications

Aluminum Best Track, 4 lanes, 42 foot long model.

Distance from starting pin to finish line is approximately 37’ 7”

Custom Start System

Custom Track Lift System

Champ Timer System

Grand Prix Race Management Software

Custom Stop Section

Pro Class Staging

All cars will be set on the track by a race official. No handling or adjustments can be made once cars have been checked in.

Entrants that attend live can stage their own (or others that they have been given permission to stage) – once car has been placed on the track by the officials.

Custom staging instructions are allowed and must be shipped with car/cars or marked on car. If there is no staging instructions provided – the car will be staged straight down the track, square to the rails, with the front dominant wheel slightly off the rail


If a car jumps the track or derails it may be disqualified from the event. In the unlikely case a car is damaged, reasonable repair can be made to the car as long as it is ready to race by its next heat. If the racers feel a repair or clean up to the track is needed it is the responsibility of the racer to let the officials know so that such clean up or repair can be made.

Live Attendance

If you plan to attend the event in person this event is being held at:

CLAAS of North America

8401 South 132nd Street

Omaha, NE 68138

Racing by Proxy

Cars should be shipped to:

Mid America Derby

Attn: Greg Dawes

4924 North 103rd Street

Omaha, NE 68134

Cars MUST be received at the above address on or before Wednesday - May 4th. Any cars received after this date will NOT be received in time to race. Plan accordingly!!

Please include:

  • Entry Info form (need updated form)

    • Info written on bottom of car (Name, Car Name, Phone #)

    • Return shipping cost & address

        • UPS Pre-Paid Shipping Label is Preferred

        • Checks for return shipping made Payable to: Greg Dawes

    • Staging instructions

Shipping Label Doc (need updated form)

Pro Class Registration Form (found at bottom of page - printable format)

  • Car name(s)

  • Builder/Race Team name (forum name)

  • Builder’s real name, address, and race day phone number

  • Check for Return Shipping Amount / UPS Pre-Paid Shipping Labels are preferred

    • Make Return Shipping checks Payable to: Greg Dawes

  • Staging instructions

  • Display Card (if you want, not required)


Wednesday - May 4th

There will be people at the Venue beginning Wednesday - May 4th @ 10am

Thursday - May 5th

Track available for tuning, time TBD

Check-In for Pro Cars will begin to take place Thursday May 5th from 5pm – 9pm

Friday - May 6th

Pinewood Derby Nationals Race will take place on Friday – May 6th @ 1pm – Central Standard Time.

Food will likely be provided by a Sponsor (last year it was Pizza) for Lunch

All Pro Entrants will be invited to attend Awards Ceremony

Early Pre-Check in for Mid America Scout, Kids & Adult cars begins at 5pm – 9pm on May 6th

Saturday– May 7th

Mid America Derby Scout, Kid and Adult racing begins

Doors will open at 8am - Check in will start at 8am for Scout, Kid, & Adult racers

LEGO Race Track, Hot Wheel Race Track and Pinewood Drag Races will open at 8am

Opening Ceremonies will take place at 10am

National Automobile Safety Training - TBD

Concessions will be available - TBD

Racing will begin on both tracks at 10:30am - after opening ceremonies for Scouts, Kids & Adults